Kiln Dried

Kiln Dried

Kiln dried wood is a process of drying wood which is “green” in order to be used as construction grade timber for building purposes. We offer kiln dried wood in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire. 

Timber production is a complex process in which green timber is sawn, dried and processed. The natural air drying of wood can be a long process, so timber will be kiln dried to speed the process along.

Kiln drying is basically a process of placing sawn wood into kilns where heated air is circulated and the temperature and relative humidity (RH) of the kiln is controlled for the purpose of reaching the wood’s equilibrium moisture content (EMC): a balance between the moisture content (MC) of the wood, and the RH of its surrounding environment, depending upon the end wood products application specifications.

Once the EMC is achieved, a wood’s MC can vary with slight changes in the RH of the surrounding environment without jeopardising the strength and structural integrity of the end wood product.

Timber producers deploy expansive and expensive wood MC control systems at all phases of wood production. Kilns are an integral part of the wood’s MC measurement and management process, as the kiln drying procedure is where the green timber is dried to its optimum EMC.

Kiln Dried Timber